In modern times, medicine has evolved thanks to research and new treatments, increasing medical knowledge and specifically the knowledge of doctors themselves. This has directed modern medicine further towards a vertical specialisation in different branches and therapeutic areas in order to offer the best possible healthcare at any one time.

We, the so-called “ultra-specialist" doctors, have followed a professional career which, after graduating and specialising, has led us to devote all our working activity to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research in a specific pathological area, of which we have become the top experts, obtaining recognition both nationally and internationally, precisely because of our specific competence.

Our “vertical" knowledge in the individual therapeutic speciality also derives from our long and specific experience of clinical activity and applied research.

“We ultra-specialist doctors, thanks to telemedicine, will be able to perform a greater number of medical consultations, helping more and more patients in dealing with their therapy and treatment.
Being able to count on an observation space, albeit virtual, reserved exclusively for the individual patient and his medical records, in a professional, protected and multidisciplinary environment, is the real revolution of this millennium.
In this Ultraspecialists offers an effective and efficient solution capable of helping citizens, while making the work of the doctor easier.”

Dr. Vanesa Gregorc, Doctor and Co-founder


Our Scientific Committee carefully identifies and evaluates the ultra-specialist doctors, who are authorised to provide consultations only for those diseases for which they have national and international recognition.

The minimum selection criteria are based on a profile that shows both clinical activity and clinical research in their specific therapeutic area that they normally work in on a daily basis. To ensure total transparency, the curricula of all doctors are published and easily accessible on our website.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery
Licensed doctor registered in the “Ordine dei Medici”
Medical specialist
At least 10 years of clinical activity in multidisciplinary or accredited hospital
Involvement in refresher courses in their specialisation
Presentations at national or international events or publications on the subject
Contributions in clinical research about a specific pathology, treatment or technique
References from at least two colleagues with the same profile
Working with multidisciplinary teams