Medical opinion

When dealing with an illness, patients often find themselves facing uncertainties, doubts or indecisions so it may be necessary to have a new consultation with a more experienced doctor for confirmation, and clarification, or to evaluate better alternatives of treatment and, if possible, which ones.

Healthcare is available if the patient is given competent and state of the art advice.

In many cases, this advice can also be given remotely. The doctor involved may or may not accept to give indications based on the information available to him, the important thing is that, if it is possible to give a medical opinion remotely, this is done in full compliance with the rules (privacy and sensitive data) and in the appropriate format.

Once the medical expert is called to assess the case, they need to receive and consult the patient’s medical records (information on symptoms, any ongoing therapies and any previous diseases, current laboratory tests, reports of instrumental examinations and sometimes even x-ray images). To be professionally processed, these evaluations require a special format, which is able to guarantee, thanks to its tried and tested telemedicine platform.

Second opinion

“Second opinion" means to benefit from the expertise of another doctor specialised in a particular pathology in order to compare, confirm or re-evaluate a first diagnosis or therapy.

All patients have the right to request a second opinion especially when it comes to the diagnosis of a serious illness. In these situations, the patient, their family and friends also need clarity and psychological support. It cannot and must not be considered a luxury to receive a second opinion, especially if a patient can get it from a medical specialist who has devoted his entire professional life in studying a particular pathology. The process can be facilitated when it is the patient’s general practitioner that directs him to seek medical advice from a specialist in his specific disease which in many cases can have a strong impact on the therapy.

Today’s technology allows one to identify the right medical expert as well as the interaction between the doctor and the patient (and/or his family). want to provide a solution by offering a solid and appropriate support to all those who are in difficulty and require assistance. The platform also guarantees the possibility of multidisciplinary opinions thanks to the community of specialists that can work in synergy, when the case requires it, giving a patient the correct solution and the best possible care and treatment for his disease.


Asking for a specialist opinion, or a second opinion, is a right of all patients and the best way is to contact an ultra-specialist of your disease.

If the symptoms persist and you do not yet have a definite diagnosis, you can ask the ultra-specialist for an opinion on the basis of extensive tests.

The ultra-specialist, on the basis of the tests performed, can confirm the therapy already prescribed or undertaken, but also indicate or suggest alternatives.

The ultra-specialist can confirm the diagnosis already obtained on the basis of the tests performed and/or add information or suggest diagnostic insights that are very useful for the choice of treatments.

The ultra-specialist can evaluate the path taken and direct towards multidisciplinary evaluations involving other experienced colleagues.

The ultra-specialist can recommend experimental and/or innovative therapies or technologies available at the time and guide the patient towards them.

The patient can ask for an initial assessment of the case via the Internet, avoiding travel, and obtain information on which exams should produce and finally safely send the outcome of the prescribed examinations and obtain his opinion in a reserved and protected area.