Quick and Easy Steps to get in touch with your Specialist.

A Few Easy Steps to access

The platform is simple and easy to use: you only need a computer and a good Internet connection.

1. Sign up to login.

2. Access reserved area to start.

3. Select Specialty and Pathology for your Second Opinion.

4. Choose the Specialist for your Pathology.

5. Fill out your detailed Medical History as requested to provide the specialist with a full picture of your medical situation.

6. Upload your Medical Reports on the basis of which the specialist will make his analisys.

7. Make a payment (PayPal/CreditCard).

8. You will receive your consultation within 5 business days or a request for further information if required.

1. Use your access keys to enter your personal area.

2. View the consultation requests present.

3. Analyse the patient’s completed medical history questionnaire and the examinations they have uploaded.

4. Request additional documentation if necessary.

5. If required you can involve other colleagues for possible multidisciplinary opinions, subject to the patient’s authorization.

6. Write your opinion in the appropriate area and send it to the patient and remain available for any requests for clarification from the patient.

7. Attach the receipt of your service, for the patient.

If needed the patient can request further clarifications or be treated by the same doctor that has provided the advice.

At any time, you can request support or suggestions from the Ultraspecialist customer service, which is available 7 days a week.

Conversely, the doctor, connected from his computer, can view and consult the examinations received, thanks to the incorporated image viewer, and express his medical opinion in a few days. If necessary, thanks to the platform, you can also obtain multidisciplinary opinions, taking advantage of the team of selected and qualified expert doctors. The doctor who provided the consultation remains available for any clarifications.

The platform is designed to transmit medical tests and images in safely and in accordance with current norms on privacy in processing sensitive data. The applications to view, archive andtransmit medical documents available on the platform, are Class II certified medical devices. The certifying entity is Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A. and the certification number is MED 31500.

Ultraspecialisti is also an educational platform in the medical field as it allows doctors to interact and share their knowledge thanks to our collaboration with ECM Providers. Doctors can also benefit from the platform as they can easily share medical folders for research or clinical purposes to have an in depth understanding of unique clinical cases.

In many cases, doctors who have to give an initial opinion have more need to receive and analyse the clinical documentation relating to the case under examination (through the consultation of CT scans, resonances and X-rays) than to physically meet the patient in the first place. In this instance a teleconsultation is ideal.


Asking for a specialist opinion, or a second opinion, is a right of all patients and the best way is to contact an ultra-specialist of your pathology.

If the symptoms persist and you do not yet have a definite diagnosis, you can ask the ultra-specialist for an opinion on the basis of extensive tests (FIRST opionion).
If you have already performed tests and obtained a diagnosis, the ultra-specialist will be able to confirm it.
The ultra-specialist can modify your diagnosis, adding valuable information or suggesting useful diagnostic insights for the choice of your treatment.
You can get the advice of the most experienced specialist for your case without having to travel and move to another city.
If necessary, you can have access to innovative and/or experimental therapies.
The ultra-specialist can give you directions regarding possible treatment alternatives that he or she believes may be more effective for you.
The ultra-specialist can reassure you on the healthcare you are taking and direct you towards multidisciplinary assessments, involving other experienced colleagues.
The ultra-specialist can suggest the most suitable solution for your case.
The ultra-specialist, if required can take charge and organise the admission to the hospital in which they work.


The Ultraspecialists platform has been developed in full compliance with the privacy and personal data protection laws in accordance with European Union Regulation n.2016/679 (GDPR), using the expertise of specialised consultants. Patients who intend to register on the site are given a comprehensive privacy policy, containing all the information required by law. Patients’ personal data will only be processed after they have given their informed consent, which can be expressed in a special consent box when registering on the site.

Ultraspecialists has adopted all the minimum security measures required by law, as well as additional security measures to prevent the risk of unauthorized access or processing of data and loss or destruction of data. Patients personal data is stored in the European Union on servers managed by third party suppliers, with whom Ultraspecialists has entered into appropriate contractual agreements on data processing, to ensure that the processing is carried out only on the instructions of Ultraspecialists and in compliance with Italian privacy laws. The processing of personal data for the purpose of telemedicine has been duly notified to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.