Neurosurgery focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathologies involving the brain, the spine, peripheral nerves and arteries of the neck.

Neurosurgical disorders

Vascular: cerebral aneurysms, malformations, hematomas, cerebral haemorrhages.

Hydrocephalus: acute, normotensive or of the elderly.

Traumatic pathologies: post trauma.

Brain tumor.

Tumor or vascular pathology of the marrow: tumor of the spine and spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

Column disorders: hernias, lumbar instability, lumbar canal stenosis

Specialised Neurosurgeons

dr. Ferrari da Passano Camillo Cesare
Neurosurgeon at the San Raffaele Milano
Neurosurgery: vascular, hydrocephalus, traumatic pathologies, brain tumor, marrow and vascular pathology, column pathology