An Ultraspecialista is a medical expert who devotes his professional life to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of a specific pathology, making him a top expert in his medical field. Our Ultraspecialisti form a community of highly qualified medical experts that can work together to offer a multidisciplinary and more complete opinion on a patient’s case.

All Ultraspecialisti are high profile professionals in the medical branch that have gained national and international recognition in their field of expertise. They also have a long and in depth experience in the clinical and research field, operating in nationally recognized centers of excellence.

To ensure a high level of specialization and qualification, we have created selection criteria to identify the top specialists and offer constantly the best opportunity to patients.

SELECTION OF ULTRASPECIALISTI selects and offers the most specialized and qualified doctors of a specific pathology. Our Ultraspecialisti are activated on our Platform to give medical opinions only for pathologies of which they have a national or international recognition. The selection criteria, evaluated and adopted by the Scientific Committee, are based on identifying profiles that show activities in the clinical and research field.

Medical and Surgical Degree

Licensed Medical professional “Ordine dei Medici” member

Medical Specialist

At least 10 years of clinical activity in multidisciplinary or accredited hospital facilities

Involvement in Update courses regarding their specialization

Presentations at national or international events or publications on the subject

Contributions in clinical research about a specific pathology, treatment or technique

References of at least two colleagues with the same profile

Collaboration with multidisciplinary team


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