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Telemedicine, a bridge between continents

Ultraspecialisti Telemedicina Canada India ItaliaThis is the story of Harshal and Anisha*. Harshal lives in Canada and is his mother’s caregiver, Anisha, who is Indian and lives in India, more than 11,000 kilometers far from him.
Harshal, due to health problems (lung cancer with ALK mutation) that involved the mother, has turned to, requesting an online consultation to obtain as soon as possible information on the path of care that his mother would have to undertake.

The platform, allowing Anisha to connect with ultra-specialized doctors present in Italy, in particular with Dr. Vanesa Gregorc, had the merit of eliminating distances and reducing waiting times, guaranteeing a qualified medical consultation, vital for his recovery: in fact, the most suitable therapy for Anisha was quickly identified, without being necessary for Harshal to move.

“I was able to assist Anisha, the most important person to me, directly from Canada, without having to travel to India. Thanks to Ultraspecialisti’s platform and to the precious support of Dr. Vanesa Gregorc, I found solutions for my mother’s treatment that I would have never considered. I believe that telemedicine opens many doors and gives opportunities that were previously hard even to imagine, allowing patients and caregivers to overcome geopolitical and economic barriers, as well as to open to a boundless knowledge”.

The story of Harshal and Anisha makes us very proud, because it fully reflects what has been our mission since the first day: using modern technology to break down barriers to access to the best medical care and to offer a specialized health care, bringing the expert doctor closer to patient, wherever he lives. It makes us even more proud that an Italian start-up, ours, has been taken as a reference point, which certifies the quality of the health system in our country and the professionalism of our doctors. For this reason, seeing the Ultraspecialisti’s platform working at the forefront in resolving events that are apparently very complex – such as the case in question, with three players involved in three different places on earth – can only make us grow in satisfaction and feed our desire to improve.

*For privacy reasons, the names do not correspond with the real ones.

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    5 star review  

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    5 star review  Complimenti davvero per il grande impegno e professionalità. Grazie di cuore per tutto quello che fate.

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    positive review  Veramente un servizio utilissimo che attraverso il quale puoi essere in contatto con professionisti su tutti i campi della medicina

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    5 star review  

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    5 star review  Di facile utilizzo. Efficace ed efficiente

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