Our Scientific Committee was created to ensure efficiency, transparency and full compliance with the selection criteria of all specialists who offer medical consultations through our platform.

It consists of 9 members, including 3 highly qualified doctors with national and international recognition in their respective disciplines, and 6 professionals, specialising in ethics, legal and business.

Medical Commitee

Ultrapsecialisti.com selects and guarantees a community of specialists who dedicate their professional lives to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research on a specific medical subject, of which they have become the leading experts. To ensure a constant high level of competence and specialization, our Committee follows objective and curricular selection criteria, in order to identify those precise characteristics that are recognisable by both patients and professionals alike.

Dr. Silvia Novello

AOU San Luigi Gonzaga
Prof. Silvia Novello is Professor of Medical Oncology in the Department of Oncology at the University of Turin and Director of the Department of Pulmonary Oncology at the San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital in Orbassano. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin in 1995. She then obtained a Degree in Respiratory Diseases, which she completed in 1999 with summa cum laude. In 2006 she obtained a PhD in Human Oncology and continued her postgraduate in Medical Oncology in 2010. She is the President of WALCE “Women Against Lung Cancer", the European association for the fight against thoracic neoplasms. She is a member of the National Board of Directors of AIOM and member of the Board of the “Together against Cancer" Foundation. From 2011 to 2015 Prof. Novello was a member of the Board of Directors of IASLC “International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer".

Dr. Giulia Veronesi

Ospedale IRCCS Humanitas Milano
Dr. Giulia Veronesi is responsible for Robotic Thoracic Surgery at the Humanitas Hospital in Milan. She previously directed the lung cancer screening and prevention research unit at IEO where she worked for 15 years as a thoracic oncology surgeon. Since 2004 she has led an extensive lung cancer screening program (COSMOS 1 and 2 studies) using low-dose tomography and markers in high-risk subjects. Since 2006 she has developed a robotic surgery program for the treatment of pulmonary tumours of mediastinal tumours, myasthenia and esophageal diseases. Dr. Veronesi has performed tutoring activities in robotic surgery at several centres in Italy and Europe, including the University of Geneva. She won the “Women and Technology Award" in 2017 as a techno visionary for robotic activities and screening of lung cancer.

Dr. Vanesa Gregorc

IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital
Doctor and Surgeon specialised in Oncology, Coordinator of the Thoracic Neoplasm, Cervical-Facial and Melanoma Divisions at the San Raffaele Hospital (Milan), Professor at the Vita Salute San Raffaele University. She is also Secretary of “Working Group Neoplasie del Polmone" of the Italian Cancer Association where she coordinates activities in various hospitals and Scientific Institutions. Vanesa Gregorc has over 20 years of clinical and research experience in Oncology, with national and international recognitions in Thoracic Neoplasms. Member of the Commissione Nazionale for health-related research of the “Ministero della Salute", she continues her collaboration with the “Ministero della Salute" in supervising Science Facilities and activities related to the promotion of healthcare and research. She is also a strong advocate for the use of new technologies to improve the path followed in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Ethical Commitee

We have three types of people in our Ethics Committee:

– A figure that guarantees professionalism and ethics offering a service consistent with the needs of the patient. Knowing the diseases and the best therapies, their mission is to support the patient during their course of treatment.

– A pool of lawyers that offering a service consistent with the national guidelines on Telemedicine and Teleconsultation, issued by the Ministry of Health in 2010, and compling with the laws concerning privacy and the processing of sensitive data, as required by Italian and European legislation.

– A team of specialists, useful to ensure easy access and gradually improve the service offered to patients and doctors. They are part of the Healthcare sector and innovative start-ups, which specifically require a continuous and constant validation of all activities and progress of the project.

Renato Mantovani

Renato Mantovani is a lawyer with a firm in Milan, experienced in the field of professional liability, criminal labour law and corporate criminal law as well as health and safety at work. He has published numerous volumes on the responsibilities of healthcare personnel and insurance contracts, as well as on regulations on medical ethics and clinical trials. He has been a speaker at numerous medical conferences on bioethics and legal issues related to the exercise of the health profession and related insurance issues. In oncology, for years he has regularly participated in conferences at the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori in Milan and at the Health Department of the Lombardy Region, with speeches in the field of regulatory interpretation organized by Oncologica Lombarda, and attended the related training modules. On behalf of ASL Milan he has participated in the drafting of the Regulation for the operation of the Registers of Italian Cancer that protects the confidentiality of the citizen and, at the same time, the right of the community to effective actions to promote health and knowledge.

Italo de Feo

Italo de Feo is a lawyer, partner at the CMS international law firm. Lawyer. de Feo is Co-Head of the Technology Media & Telecommunication department of the CMS studio in Italy, as well as Coordinator of the CMS “Technology" practice worldwide. Italo de Feo operates in the field of commercial law, new technologies and intellectual property, with particular experience in the e-health sector, as well as in the outsourcing of technology services, software and licenses, internet and telecommunications regulation and privacy. He has the dual qualification of Italian and English lawyer (Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales). In addition, in 1998 he completed a Masters Degree in German Law (LLM) receiving a magna cum laude vote. In 2014, in 2016 and 2017 he was awarded with the “Information Technology Lawyer" award at the IP & TMT Awards of Legal Community magazine. He is a member of the Extended Faculty of the School of Management of the Politecnico of Milan, where he regularly holds workshops and seminars on international commercial contracts and contract negotiation techniques.

Ugo Bechis

e-Payment & SEPA Adviser
Ugo Bechis is an independent e-Payments & SEPA Adviser to Financial Institutions, to digital start-ups and projects in the financial industry. He has a 40 years banking experience in the areas of sales, distribution, securities trading and payments services as Head of Multichannel Distribution, Home Banking, Trading On-line, Corporate and Retail Payments, Cards, Consumer Credit, Bank Assurance, Corporate and Trade Finance. He is a Lecturer on Payment Systems and TechFinance at European Universities. He started as an Auditor in general Audit and Acquisitions assessment; he held management duties in commercial, organizational and strategy roles at international and Italian banks. He held Board of Directors duties as Chairman of the Board of the European Alliance of Payment Schemes (EAPS), as Chairman of ABI Clearing & Settlement Committee and as a Board Member of IWBank S.p.a., SIA S.p.A, Cartasi S.p.A, Key Client Cards and Solutions S.p.A, Consorzio Bancomat (Debit Card Scheme). During 15 years in European Payment Bodies (EPC and others) as a Chairman of Legal and Payments committees he gained a knowledge of banking, payments and fintech in international and national practices across Europe and elsewhere; he also gained a knowledge of institutional, policy and antitrust matters, dealing with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and other Regulatory Institutions.

Matteo Bartolomeo

Incubator Avanzi Mentor
Matteo has a degree in Economics and Management and a Master’s Degree in environmental management and policies. After 6 years at Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in 1997 Matteo has co-founded Avanzi and, since then, has been working in the field of social innovation, corporate social responsibility, social finance and incubation. He is currently CEO of Make a Cube (certified incubator supervised by Avanzi), the first incubator in Italy specialised in the launch and acceleration of companies with a high social and environmental impact and the birth of spin-offs social businesses within large organizations, whether they are profit, no profit or institutions, MoB of Avanzi, president of BASE Milano/Oxa and member of the board of other organisations. He has been MoB of WWF Italia and SiRi Group (CH), member of the Management Committee of Vigeo Group (FR), evaluator for the European Commission EACI. He was a contract lecturer in Public Economics at the Politecnico di Milano for 10 years.

Andrea Cattaneo

Innovits Mentor
Manager with 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, he has built his professional career in multinational companies, where he has steadily grown to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer with full responsibility of all company functions, and then obtained an international role of sales coordination at EMEA level.
Over the years he has consolidated a profound knowledge of the dynamics of complex markets and business realities, which he uses in his activity of support to companies for which he develops business plans.
He also makes use of his skills as an aid in supporting the selection, training and relocation of senior figures.

Olga Ignjatov

Innovits Mentor
Olga Ignjatov is a Finance Business Partner of Right Management, Manpower Group. She has gained 20 years experience in the financial field covering various roles: first in Audit, then in Corporate Finance and later she took on the position as Finance Manager and Finance Controller. In 2005 Olga Ignjatov obtained her Executive MBA degree at MIP Business School of the Politecnico of Milan. Co-Founder of TAU-MA, an Atelier of Design and Change, offers agile solutions to develop the Innovation Capabilities for professionals and Ventures. Her passion for innovation led her to transform her knowledge into practical workshops for young entrepreneurs focusing on financial topics and business modelling. She has participated in research projects in the field of entrepreneurial education and social innovation through mentorship programs in collaboration with Innovits, the non-profit start-up accelerator where she has served as a member of the Board since 2016, Junior Achievement, Make a Cube, Activators Pavia. She works alongside the department of Management Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan on the project: “Invest in Foreign markets LAB".