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Ultraspecialisti starts in 2015 in Milan, from the desire of the 2 founders to give birth to a project designed to provide a simple, quick as well as effective solution to all those people who suffer from serious illnesses and are looking for a way to get in touch with a medical expert to obtain indications that may affect the course of their treatment.

The idea of a platform was spurred from real life observations of patients with serious illnesses being disadvantaged in their pursuit for the best treatment and medical expert.

We have also noticed how the doctors themselves have a hard time responding to all of the requests of patients living remotely or in other regions of Italy. Also Doctor Vanesa Gregorc, Co-Founder of Ultraspecialisti, experiences every day patient’s migration. Many patients turn to her and her colleagues, facing long and tiring trips. Hence the idea of creating a tool that promotes long-distance interactions between doctors and patients and the sharing of medical records and tests.

This awareness was the push to transform the idea into reality. In the summer of 2015, the 2 founders won their first award “Ready to Impact”, a call launched by the incubator Make a Cube (Avanzi) of Milan that promotes projects with a strong social impact. The incubator has allowed us to envision a precise action plan, always following the lean start up method, which involves continuous and constant validation of the project progress. The first phase involved 2 focus groups (in Bari and Milan) of doctors and patients from which we collected valuable feedback and comments on the project. Through this validation process we drafted the first version of our platform, www.ultraspecialisti.com[/vc_column_text][cs_divider_icon margin=”lg” icon=”fa-puzzle-piece” color=”#1d9cd8″ border_color=”#1d9cd8″][/cs_divider_icon][vc_column_text]


At the beginning of 2016, the company of Ultraspeciaslisti is founded as an innovative start up with a social impact. Shortly, after a careful research and analysis, Ultraspecialisti selects their technological partner, Exprivia Healthcare, to create the digital platform. Exprivia Healthcare is specialized in the development and programming of tools in the healthcare sector.

In parallel, all legal activities are entrusted to expert lawyers in order to abide with all regulations regarding telemedicine, teleconsultation and the processing of sensitive data (privacy on web).

In September 2016, a new version of the website was released, dedicated completely to oncology, after it being tested first internally and then externally by the first Ultraspecialisti who made themselves available for the first test activities. While the developers worked on the platform, the start-up focused on meeting the most experienced doctors and introducing them to the project, receiving great enthusiasm and appreciation from their behalf. Thanks to the contribution of 20 Ultraspecialisti, it was possible to validate the service offering it free of charge to anyone who needed it.

In December 2016, Ultraspecialisti wins the accelerator program organized by Innovits, a training process that has proven to be extremely useful and effective in giving valuable inputs to further refine the project and startup development phases. The program ends with a final presentation in April 2017 in which Ultraspecialisti was awarded the prize of best start up by a jury of experts and potential investors.
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From January to April 2017, the platform was online in its free version for testing and validation. Concluding the validation with over 30 cases (plus 4 requestes from abroad) addressed and resolved positively, in May the start up entered the “Go to Market” phase and activated online the paid service.

In the meantime, after a years work, Ultraspecialisti is selected as finalist for the eHealth4Al prize and is recognized internationally, with other 2 Italian startups, by SANOFI to participate at the International Fair of Technology ViVaTecnology, in Paris.[/vc_column_text][cs_space size=”50px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]