Ultraspecialisti, the human side of telemedicine

Behind what may seem like a cold computer screen is a team of people who firmly believe that access to the best care is everybody’s right.

We work every day to remove the distances that separates you from the doctor that you require. We use technology and digital innovation to help as many people as possible.

All patients have the right to seek a second opinion especially when they are faced with a diagnosis of a serious illness.

There is a need for transparency to face treatment and therapy with knowledge and serenity. This cannot and must not be considered a luxury.

Ultraspecialisti Team

Patients often feel lost because they don’t know whom to turn to.

We are here to help you find the solution you require.


To connect people with ultra-specialist doctors

We help you identify the medical expert for your case

To offer a community of experienced medical specialists
If your case requires, we can provide shared multidisciplinary opinions by the experts: all under one roof.

Eliminate distances and reduce waiting times
You can request a consultation through the computer, without having to move

Be certain that you obtain expert medical consultations
Innovative technology enables you to transfer entire medical records


Ultraspecialisti use modern technology to break down barriers to access the best treatment as well as offering specialist health care, bringing the experienced doctor closer to the patient. Our innovative platform, designed in conjunction with Exprivia Healthcare, allows the patient or caregiver to identify THE BEST MEDICAL EXPERT in A Few CLICKS, in order to quickly obtain an online consultation for their treatment. Within the platform it is possible to safely send any type of specialist clinical examination.

If required and necessary, the chosen doctor can suggest consulting other experts in order to obtain a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY OPINION. For example, an oncologist specialist, if the case so requires, can in real time ask for support from a fellow surgeon, so as to offer the patient the most useful and qualified answer. This way, the patient will obtain all the required information to improve his or her state of health.

Ultraspecialisti is also a modern WORKING TOOL FOR DOCTORS. Specialists, who are generally subjected to continuous requests and reminders for opinions and advice, are often not able to provide these medical consultations in a timely manner. Through our platform however, they will be able to dedicate themselves to patients as necessary. Rationalising the flow of requests through the platform will ensure the correct timing and guarantee the transmission of the necessary diagnostic tests while fully respecting the patient’s privacy.

“We ultra-specialist doctors, thanks to telemedicine, will be able to release a greater number of medical consultations, helping more and more patients in dealing with their own therapeutic paths and treatment. We will be able to count on an observation space, albeit virtual, reserved exclusively for the individual patient and his medical records, in a professional, protected and multidisciplinary environment, is the real revolution of this millennium. In this Ultraspecialisti offers an effective and efficient solution capable of helping the people by making it easier for the doctor to work."
Dr.ssa Vanesa Gregorc – Co-founder


The idea of a platform to obtain highly specialised medical consultations was born from the direct experience of one of the founders, Dr. Vanesa Gregorc, ultra-specialist doctor in oncology: thanks to her long experience in research and clinical care in a hospital of excellence, she understood how difficult it is for a patient to find the best solution for their health. That's why the idea was born of a platform in accordance with the law that allows you to quickly put patient and doctor in contact in a confidential, safe and professional manner.

Ultraspecialisti want to promote a new approach and philosophy of the right to health, minimizing both time and distance between people and highly specialised doctors. Ultraspecialisti has a dedicated customer service for patients who may need assistance.

“Our project has a strong social impact and was born from the idea of avoiding unnecessary and expensive travel both nationally and internationally by taking advantage of technological innovation. 
We spent two years developing the idea and then implementing it and launching it on the market, tackling a very delicate issue, that of health. It took not only technical computer skills but also the sensitivity to grasp the meaning and mission of the entire project." 

Antonio Sammarco – Founder & CEO