We assist you in finding a medical “Ultraspecialista” and in receiving a specialized online consultation.

We Break Down Geographical Barriers

Receive a specialized medical consultation from your home computer

We Select The Best Doctors

Interact with doctors that are world renowned specialists

We Assist You Instantly

Receive your consultation within 5 business days


It is every patient’s right to ask for an opinion or second opinion, and the best way is to request it from an ultraspecialista on that pathology.

Receive a Diagnosis

If the symptoms persist and the diagnosis is still uncertain, ask a specialist for an opinion based on your medical reports.

Confirmation or further analysis of the diagnosis

The specialist can confirm the current diagnosis based on previous medical reports and/or add information as well as suggest additional analysis to help choosing the treatment.

Confirmation or further analysis of the therapy

The specialist can confirm the prescribed therapy based on previous medical reports but also suggest more alternative treatments.

Confirmation and further analysis of diagnosis, treatment and additional information on prognosis or ask for multidisciplinary opinion

The Specialist can evaluate the current patient’s journey and direct him toward a multidisciplinary opinion that involves more specialists.

Experimental protocols

The specialist can direct a patient towards experimental and/or innovative therapies and currently available technologies.

Avoid unnecessary dispersions

Avoiding unnecessary trips, a patient can ask for an initial assessment of his condition via internet and obtain indications on which medical tests he needs to provide and send safely the prescribed tests to receive an opinion in the reserved area.


Get in touch with your specialist with just few clicks.

Choose the Specialist for your Pathology

Select the medical area and pathology for a consultation for you or your relative
Choose a Medical “Ultraspecialista”
Make a payment of 240 € (PayPal/CreditCard)

Upload documentation

Access the reserved area
Fill out your Medical History
Upload your Medical Reports

Request Consultation

Send Consultation request to your Ultraspecialista
The specialist will analyze your documents in the reserved area
If necessary, the specialist will ask for more medical reports

Get your consultation within 5 business days

Receive an email alerting you of the received consultation
Access the reserved area to print the specialist’s opinion or save it in pdf format
If necessary ask the doctor for further clarifications


Ultraspecialisti® is the first online platform in Italy, active in healthcare, obeying current regulations on telemedicine and teleconsultation. Ultraspecialisti was born with the mission to bring patients closer to medical experts by breaking down access barriers to the best diagnosis, care and medical assistance.

The idea was born from the direct experience of one of the founders, Vanesa Gregorc, a specialized oncologist,who intercepted the need to facilitate the interaction between medical specialists and whoever, directly or indirectly, needs an urgent specialized medical opinion.

Our mission is to help citizens identify the most qualified and experienced specialist and quickly receive the most expert opinion while staying comfortably at home or wherever there is internet access. is the web platform that connects patients and caregivers with the best medical experts of various fields and offers the possibility to share with a doctor the documentation about one’s condition (Clinical Folder and DICOM pictures).

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