Seeking the advice of a specialist doctor, expert in your medical condition?

Ultraspecialisti helps you.

Answer the doctor’s questions, upload your documentation and get their opinion within 5 working days direct to your PC.

Paid service.
Following the consultation, the specialist can suggest a check-up, if necessary.

Discover the benefits

The best experts for your health condition.

Get in touch with world class medical experts.

Upload your medical documentation

Upload medical records and imaging (CT scan, MRI examination, ect.). Protection of your personal information is our priority (GDPR✔).

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Receive medical consultation within 5 working days. No travel, no hassle.

Why do you need Ultraspecialisti?

Unlike those sites that book visits or provide generic answers, the Ultraspecialisti platform helps you to find the leading expert for your medical condition and obtain personalised medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment.

Time is an important factor for your health. Ultraspecialisti provides specialist medical advice in just 5 working days. Our Case management Team will assist you with any doubts or questions you may have until your request is completed.

An ultra-specialist is the only guarantee of qualified advice that helps the patient make the best choices when faced with important healthcare decisions. Our doctors are leaders in their fields, they dedicate their professional lives to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research on a specific pathology, disease or medical condition.

Assurance and quality


Our Scientific Committee carefully select the Ultraspecialisti doctors. Doctors’ curricula are easily accessible on our website to help patients to quickly identify the right expert for their disease or medical condition, ensuring your peace of mind.


Consultation requests take place in protected areas of the platform. We ensure all your medical records are collected and processed through our secure, digital platform; compliant with current regulations on privacy and data processing.(GDPR)


Avoid wasting time and money: with a click you can send medical records to specialists directly from your computer.


"I was able to assist my mother directly from Canada, without having to move to India. I found solutions for treatment paths that I had not taken into consideration."
"I suffered from breast cancer. With two children, it was difficult for me to move. Thanks to the Ultraspecialist platform I received a medical consultation in a few days and I started my treatment in Palma de Mallorca."
"Thanks to Ultraspecialisti, my father's diagnosis was made in just two days. This allowed the treatment to start immediately, which proved to be very effective."

How to request an online medical consultation

Create an Account to protect your data

Choose the right specialist for you

Answer the medical questions

Upload reports and diagnostic images

Receive the consultation


What Ultraspecialisti can do for you:
  • First diagnosis
  • Second opinion
  • Opinion on diagnosis
  • Opinion on therapy
  • Optimisation of diagnosis and treatment
  • Access to experimental protocols
240/per online consultation

The price includes:

  • access to the community of selected ultra-specialists divided by individual pathology
  • online medical history survey, designed by the specialist
  • unlimited space on the cloud for uploading reports and diagnostic images
  • doctor’s reply within 5 working days
  • possibility to request further clarification after the consultation
  • case management assistance during all phases of the consultation 7/7

Methods of Payment:
PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Discover.

Follow-up consultations have different prices according to the specialty and the doctor’s recommendation.