The 4.0 version of Doctor-Patient interaction.

dr. stefano cereda
Article by Stefano Cereda
Specialized Oncologist
San Raffaele Hospital in Milano

Telemedicina rapporto medico paziente
Clinical Telemedicine is an innovative system that allows the simplification and optimization of health-related procedures by improving the treatment process and the quality of life of chronic patients who often require regular check ups and timely interventions.

This is possible without the patient having to visit the hospital, resulting in the saving of resources such as: costs of assistance, costs and time loss due to distances, possibility of more check ups, timely communication of diagnosis and therapies. In addition, Telemedicine results in saving in terms of human resources as it does not require family members or attendants (or more generally caregivers) to travel, resulting in positive social repercussions such as avoiding all those, otherwise inevitable, absences from work.

The patient feels more involved in the management of his health and this awareness inevitably has beneficial effects on his psychological state. The patient thus becomes the protagonist of his own treatment process and is protected in terms of his privacy.

Technology does not replace a doctor, but rather creates a successful integration that translates into an answer for an objective need that the patient can request directly. Technology, in short, intervenes to support the doctor, to bring him closer to the patient and to make the latter feel safer thanks to the constant monitoring. It is up to the doctor to redefine his role in this new context, without losing sight of his total investment towards the human being in front of him, ie the patient.

Lastly the importance for the doctor to find a new way to empathize with the patient, to explain things with simple and clear terms, to communicate the diagnosis and/or prognosis in a delicate and not traumatic way and through these new and efficient communication systems.

Dr. Stefano Cereda

Oncologist at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milano

Oncologist in the Division of Oncology at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Dr. Stefano Cereda is specialized in the treatment of neoplastic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (pancreatic cancer, gall bladder cancer, bile duct tumors, stomach and esophagus cancer). He performs clinical research activities focused on pancreatic cancer and bile duct tumors, such as gallbladder tumors, Vater papilla, intra-hepatic and extra-hepatic biliary tract cancer.