When Information is good for our health

dr. Antonio Sammarco
Article by Antonio Sammarco
Founder & CEO

Eight years have passed since the Ministry of Health, Ministero della Salute, has set up a working table for Telemedicine in the Italian Health Council.

Although time has passed, we are still facing an unexplored territory and, as Reinhold Messner taught us, tracing a route on a map is not enough to get us to the summit of something as it doesn’t always correspond to the reality of the territory. Even in the medical field, both large and small discoveries generate changes – structural and cultural – and to reach the desired destination one has to inevitably cross a path that passes through communication, knowledge, experience and finally awareness.

TelemedicineTo contribute to the revolution that Telemedicine has triggered by authorizing teleconsultations of doctors and specialists, that is all those remote consultations where technology is an extraordinary facilitator and not a substitute for human sensitivity and intelligence, Ultraspecialisti inaugurates today its thematic blog: nonplusUltra.

We have recruited a complete editorial staff to create a hub of medical information, made available to the citizen but validated by the most experienced doctors, who practice their profession in the most renowned hospitals and in the various areas of medical research. Technology, once again, is a facilitator for free exploration and for the sharing of the latest scientific and medical discoveries.

The blog was created with the aim of increasing awareness of the clinical areas in which, using Telemedicine, it is possible to support patients, family members or caregivers, thus making known the names and skills of the community of medical experts who collaborate with Ultraspecialists, both individually and in teams, for multidisciplinary teleconsultations. This space of knowledge, that can be freely viewed by everyone, wants to feature the main medical and scientific studies, the latest developments in the field of severe or rare diseases and finally the most innovative therapeutic pathways, even of an experimental nature.

To do so, our “ultraspecialisti" will dedicate their time and skills to help clarify some issues or bring out useful information that will facilitate patients who are faced with a disease but are far from specialized medical centers. Ultraspecialisti therefore renews its commitment to reduce the barriers that inhibit access to the best treatment and to the most experienced doctors of a specific pathology.

Today my feeling is particularly close to that of Robert Green Ingersoll: “if it depended on me I would make health contagious instead of the disease“.

dr. Antonio Sammarco

Dr. Antonio Sammarco

Founder & CEO of Ultraspecialisti

Founder of Ultraspecialisti.com, the first online platform in Italy, active since 2015 in the medical-healthcare field. Graduated in Business and Economics with a Master degree in Sales Management at the Business school IlSole24ore, Antonio Sammarco has gained a long and solid professional experience in the business environment of renowned multinational companies from 2000 to 2015, with roles of growing responsibility in Retail (B2C), e-commerce, in B2B for the Italian and foreign market managing Key accounts and sales networks (both domestic and foreign). After more than fifteen years of building his career in established companies, he has chosen to devote himself completely to an innovative entrepreneurial project.